Preparing for Fall and Winter Driving

The weather has finally begun to change.  After an extended Summer, it seems that we are diving headfirst into Fall this weekend.  We have an extended period of 50 degree days and frost advisories at night.

This is a great time to remind the drivers in your household to pay attention to the roads.  In Indiana, harvest is in full blast.  Farmers and their equipment are on the move to get their crops in.  When the farmers start to remove their crops, the deer population is also on the move.  Their habitat is changing and the rut is close.  A buck loses it’s mind in the pursuit of a mate and often loses it’s attention to where it is resulting in car-deer accidents.  Be vigilant when driving in the country and keep your eyes out for them.

Leaves are starting to fall and with a good rainfall, they will blanket our roads.  Wet leaves are just like ice, they are slick and reduce your stopping distance.  Within the next 30 days, a dusting of snow is not out of the question.

Preparing your vehicle is important for Winter too.  Take your vehicle in for routine maintenance including tire and brake inspection, fluid checks, belts, and hoses.  These are under stress every day from the Summer heat and eventually the freezing and thawing that our lovely temperatures give us in an Indiana Winter.

Do us all a favor and reduce your speed, put down your phones and pay closer attention.  This includes not only what is in the road but also the ditches to the right and left for the unexpected wildlife that doesn’t see you.

Take care and we’ll chat again soon.

David George